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The Aratos Plug-IN hybrid stove works with logs to enjoy beautiful flames and not depend on electricity. In the pellet function, Aratos Plug-IN diffuses a gentle and regulated heat. All this in silence.

Adjustable secondary air
Secondary air protects the glass from smoke and soot deposits. It guarantees the combustion of volatile materials. The adjustable secondary air flow allows to adapt the operation of the device to excessively high draft conditions.

Silent natural convection appliance
A wonderful sensation of warmth is diffused by radiation from the cast-iron casing of the appliance. The circulation of hot air occurs naturally, without a fan, and therefore without noise.

Manual on and off
This semi-automatic Plug-IN model requires manual intervention to turn it on and off. These phases cannot be programmed automatically.

Hybrid: logs and pellets
Innovative technical wall module
Plug-IN technology moves the technical part of the stove to an intelligent wall module. It has a large capacity tank (22 kg) that offers great autonomy (up to 31 hours). This wall module offers an additional technical function. It serves as a screen and reduces safety distances from combustible materials. Therefore, it can be attached directly to the wall. Finally, it features a backlit control panel and hides a reservoir refill accessory.

Possibility of control by external thermostat (not included)
An external room thermostat can be connected to the device’s printed circuit via a dry contact.

Regulation of flow or room temperature
Regulation of the operating power: 5 pre-programmed powers managed automatically. * Adjustment of the setpoint temperature: the desired ambient temperature in the room is defined. It is measured by a wired probe. The pellet stove regulates the power to reach and maintain the value entered.

Natural shot
The evacuation of the smoke is carried out naturally, by means of the depression of the chimney flue, since this Plug-IN model is installed in the same way as a traditional chimney. There is no smoke extractor and therefore no noise.

Weight 163 kg
Dimensions 60,2 × 80 × 130 cm

75 %

Exhaust pipe diameter

150 mm

Max Power

7 kW

Pipeline type



80 cm


Without oven




Cast iron


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