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Barcelona barbecue with a modern design, cubic shapes, with a stainless steel grill elevation system (Argentine system), 82×52 cm stainless steel cooking grate, side fire drawer with brazier function (to be able to generate embers for cooking of large pieces of meat).

Drawer to collect independent ashes, it has the function of collecting as well as facilitating the lighting of the fire. The fire can be made with holm oak, oak, beech or pine wood, as well as charcoal in the cooking areas.

Left side pillar structure in refractory brick, structural set in beige concrete, large-format synthetic stone tabletop for easy maintenance and cleaning.
Sliding door in fiber cement as the lining of the hood, set of guides on the door in stainless steel.

Technical characteristics

  • Exterior hood made of fiber cement * (kit by pieces).
  • Interior hood in refractory concrete
  • Spark guard system
  • Interior in brick and refractory concrete of 5 cm
  • Elevator grill set in stainless steel 82×52 cm
  • Independent ash collection drawers
  • Heat meat
  • Support and covering in beige and refractory concrete of 5 cm, shelf in black stained concrete, table top in large format synthesized stone.
  • Fiber cement sliding door.
  • Measurements: Width 266 x Depth 76 x Height 225.1 cm

* (Hand riveter required for assembly)

Dimensions 76 × 266 × 225,1 cm
Type of installation

Left table, Right table






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