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BERLIN wood-burning barbecue, style between classic and modern, internal hood in refractory concrete with sparking system (precaution and security system, to avoid possible fires), cubic-shaped exterior cladding in fiber cement, material resistant to inclement weather conditions. exterior, practical for maintenance.

Fire box made of refractory brick and refractory cement, to be able to withstand the high temperatures that fire with wood can reach as well as withstand the lower temperatures of fire with charcoal. Firebox with three positions of guides embedded in stainless steel to have different levels of cooking, it is supplied with a cooking grill in stainless steel, useful measure of 82 x 52 cm. Drawer to collect the metallic ashes, drawer not embedded to be able to be removed in case of need and to be able to make the fire directly in the fire base.

Structural support in gray concrete with acid finishes, table tops and downpipes in deep black granite, and black enameled stoneware pile (in case you don’t want or need the pile, it can always be supplied without).

Possibility of being able to supply only with a table on the right or left, such as making different possibilities of distribution or expansion of tables.

Technical characteristics

  • Cement fiber outer hood * (kit by pieces)
  • Refractory concrete inner hood
  • Spark arresting system
  • Interior in brick and refractory concrete of 5 cm
  • Three positions for 82 × 52 cm stainless steel grill
  • Drawers to collect the independent ashes
  • Black enameled pile
  • Support and covering in gray concrete, on the tables and downspouts in deep black granite.
    (*) A manual riveter is required for assembly
  • Total measurements: width 280 x depth 68 x height 215.5 cm
Dimensions 68 × 280 × 215,5 cm
Type of installation

Left table, Right table






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