Bull Barbecue is so confident in its fabulous line of premium quality outdoor barbecues that it provides a Lifetime Warranties * as standard on the barbecue tub, stainless steel burners and cooking grates. With seven types of barbecue to choose from, Bull has the perfect barbecue for you.

The Bison Grill charcoal barbecue has been redesigned for greater performance. The new ventilation system and gasket features allow for greater temperature control with the ability to regulate the flow of oxygen into the combustion chamber. Now you can control the BBQ Bison for a slow, low cook, or turn it on for that rotisserie quality in your steaks and chops.

* Specific warranty supplied with each Bull product

Weight 57 kg
Dimensions 63,7 × 81,8 × 64,2 cm



Bosch Marin, Bull

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