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Clementino is the portable gas oven for pizzas, with the performance of a large Clementi oven concentrated in just a few centimeters.

The domestic gas oven for pizzas
With a gas pizza oven you can make pizzas like in a pizzeria.
It is the ideal oven for those who have little space or for those who do not have enough room for firewood.
Pizza ready in 2/3 minutes!

Not only pizza
You can bake much more, from bread to pies. In addition, Clementino is designed to rest easily on any surface suitable for this use, even on the balcony at home!

How it works

  1. Connect Clementino to the gas cylinder.
  2. Remove the lid, turn the knob and press the start button. Close the door and wait 15 minutes for the temperature to rise.
  3. Put the pizza in the oven
  4. Enjoy your pizzas with your friends and family.

The oven is compatible with both LPG and natural gas, just change the nozzle and you’re ready to go!

Ideal for pizza lovers
The Clementino gas oven is the ideal oven for pizza lovers. Start cooking like a professional and surprise all your friends, every time you turn it on it will be a guaranteed success!

The difference is in the details
The burner has a power of 7 kW. The cooking chamber is made of refractory stone. Underneath it is a 2.5 cm sheet of scamotek, a calcium silicate material that allows for greater insulation, as it does not allow heat to pass downwards.
Thanks to this material and the refractory stone, the heat is retained for longer and allows cooking for longer.

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Direct Cooking




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