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Clementino is a lightweight portable oven that works with the power of traditional ovens. The oven has the capacity to cook a pizza in 2 minutes.

400 Degrees
It can reach 400 degrees in 20/25 minutes. When the desired temperature is reached, you can move the fire on the left side.

2 Minutes for pizza
Your Italian pizza party will be a snap to host with super fast cooking times. Can I cook more than pizza in this oven? Of course you can. Cook pizza, sausage, fish, steak, turkey, chicken, or bake bread, cakes, cookies and more.

Convenience and durability
The wood-fired pizza oven is made of special materials that withstand all weather conditions. Clementino can be an outdoor or indoor wood-fired oven. It has been designed to be easily placed on any surface suitable for this use thanks to the support feet, even on the balcony at home.

The difference is in the details
Stainless steel cooking chamber
3 cm refractory stone certified for food use.
3 cm rock wool insulation (scamotek-fed)
Trolley (optional)

Consult dimensions

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 51,5 × 70 × 80,2 cm




Type of Cooking

Direct Cooking




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