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The professional wood barbecue ideal for grilling but also to use in your garden in all seasons. Available in corten steel and anthracite color.

Cooking on the grill
The top consists of four food-grade stainless steel plates on which you can easily and directly cook excellent meats, tasty vegetables and much more, without adding fat.

Cooking is done directly on the 4 plates, allowing you to cook any type of food, even small foods that are difficult to handle on a traditional griddle.

In addition to the griddle, double cooking is possible using the grill.
This will allow you to cook several dishes and several types of food at the same time.

Characteristics of Corten steel
The main characteristic of Corten steel is its ability to resist corrosion from atmospheric agents (rain, snow, sun, hail) and cooking fires thanks to a protective patina. This protective patina gives the steel special aesthetic characteristics that make the barbecue unique.

Advantages of Corten steel

1) 10 times more resistant to corrosion than the steel normally used.
2) Aesthetic exclusivity
3) Very high resistance and long service life
4) Sustainability

Interior insulation
To preserve the paint, the barbecue has rock wool interior insulation on all 4 sides.
In addition, there are holes in the grate to allow the fire to feed optimally.

Ease of cleaning
Cleaning the barbecue is very easy, thanks to the ash drawer at the bottom. Simply open it and collect all the ash generated during cooking.

Weight 90 kg
Dimensions 80,3 × 80 × 96,2 cm

Firewood, Charcoal






100 cm, 80 cm