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fiQ XL 105CM


ARTOLA has conceived and designed the new design sociable barbecues finished in Corten Steel.

Different fiQ braziers combined with support columns of various sizes. As accessories, in addition to the supports and grills, there are barbecue tables, chairs (stools) and different useful elements.

Unlike other imitations on the market, Artola barbecues have the possibility of regulating the combustion air to allow perfect cooking in each case, whether it is a paella or roasting meat. In the central part, cooking is done with charcoal and on the top counter there is a large ironing surface.

Each guest cooks to their liking and each one has the meat to the point they want, while the guests mingle and talk about their things while they are accompanied by a good glass of wine.

These barbecues also fulfill the function of an outdoor wood-burning stove, allowing you to enjoy your company during fun barbecues also in winter.

They occupy little and fill a lot, helping to strengthen deep family and friendship relationships.

Put an ARTOLA terrace or garden.

Dimensions 105 × 105 × 51,3 cm

Bosch Marin


105 cm


Column XL, Low XL column, Without base

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