Fuoco 60



FUOCO 60 bioethanol burner, with 3 liter tank. It does not require a smoke outlet, it does not produce waste, nor does it require any maintenance.
Horus fireplaces are powered by a renewable energy source: denatured alcohol. It is obtained from the fermentation of sugars derived from agricultural and forestry products such as sugar cane, potatoes and cereals. Denatured alcohol is composed solely of biological elements that do not alter the ecological balance. The combustion of ethanol produces only clean emissions: heat, water vapor and carbon dioxide. NO PM10, NO CO2, NO ALDEHYDES.

Recyclable materials
Horus is aware of its responsibility to care for the environment. Each project is carefully evaluated and developed also in terms of its environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle of the product, from the supply of raw materials to recycling at the end of use. Only recyclable materials of more than 80% are used for the manufacture of Horus products.

“CERAMIC”: innovative solution that allows to considerably reduce the consumption of ethanol and, above all, to eliminate the risk of liquid leakage due to accidental causes.
“EXPLEO”: patented technical devices, designed to facilitate the filling of the tank in complete safety, such as the hermetic sealing valve of the tank or the special shape of the plate to control fuel leaks.

Horus “Fuoco” burner is made of exclusive stainless steel, thick to withstand any temperature. Weight is the main index of burner quality. The manual welding is certified piece by piece, to ensure its tightness.

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 17,6 × 61,8 × 9,1 cm
Deposit capacity

3 L

Max Power

3,5 kW


61.8 cm

Switched on

Manual ignition




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