Garrigues stone barbecue for firewood, fire pit measures paella pan with useful grill of 82 x 52 cm in stainless steel, it is offered as an optional drawer to collect the ashes of the wood fire and charcoal, since in this barbecue you can carry out the fire with the two fuels. Its side tables made of refractory brick have a continuity in their finishes with the fire base. Refractory concrete hood, delivered gray-black painted and incorporates a spark arresting system (fire safety measure).

Technical characteristics

  • Hood in refractory concrete painted and stuccoed in gray-black
  • Spark arresting system
  • Interior in brick and refractory concrete of 5 cm
  • 82 x 52 cm stainless steel grill
  • Refractory brick side tables
  • Natural stone support
  • Weight: 860 kg
  • Measurements: Width 175.5 x depth 67.5 x height 222.5 cm
Weight 860 kg
Dimensions 67,5 × 175,5 × 222,5 cm
Type of installation

Left table, Right table






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