Gaz Pulcinella oven


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Painted oven with stainless steel 430 roof equipped with trolley with wheels
Supply: gaz with burner, adjustment knob and power button
Kind of cooking: direct (unique combustion and cooking chamber)
Cooking chamber: refractory base for food use and stainless steel 430 dome
Available cooking chamber dimensions:
  • 60×60 one burner (2 pizzas)
  • 80×60 one burner (the second is optional) (4 pizzas)
  • 100×80 two burners (5 pizzas)
Grill cooking: optional with Multicooking accessory
Clementi direct cooking ovens perfectly combine the TRADITION of old wood fired ovens’ cooking with the INNOVATION for a functional, simple and quick use.
The very quick heating times (around 30 minutes) and the practicality of gaz supply make them perfect products also in some cases in which you don’t have the possibility to manage a wood storage. Pulcinella ovens are perfect for all cooking lovers, both expert and beginners, and let to cook with the same facility both a romantic dinner and parties’ menus, in order to spend some happy and unforgettable moments with your friends and family..
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Type of Cooking

Direct Cooking




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