Geo 74


The GEO 74 electric fireplace is a built-in or wall-hanging fireplace that is ideal for creating a warm and modern atmosphere without having to give up comfort. Another of the great advantages of a fireplace of this type is that we do not need a smoke outlet since the fire is not real, but is simulated thanks to its innovative technology.

The warmth of this fireplace will not only be at the level of the room’s design but also to combat the coldest days thanks to its powerful heater.

The GEO 74 fire emulator incorporates LED technology that gives a very realistic flame effect. Using the remote control, we can adjust the parameters of the flame or the heater, in addition to turning it on and off. It also has a timer so that the device turns off only after a certain time between 30 minutes and 8 hours.

The effect of the light reflected on the stone crystals creates a truly spectacular and incomparable atmosphere. In addition, this electrical appliance has the novelty of being able to choose between different colors and their brightness, allowing us to customize our fireplace according to our needs and preferences at all times.

The GEO 74 virtual fire is made of robust materials such as steel. Screen-printed glass offers a clean, elegant panoramic view.

From the remote control we can control 100% of the characteristics of the fireplace from the comfort of your sofa.

Its technology makes this product a great green alternative since it does not emit or give off particles that are harmful to the environment, as well as being 100% efficient.

If you want more information about the GEO 74 design fireplace or any other electrical appliance, do not hesitate to contact us. We are specialists in fireplaces. More than thirty years guarantee our work.

Dimensions 17,9 × 188,3 × 49,3 cm
Remote control


Max Power

2,43 kW

Type of installation



188.3 cm


Faber INTL