Kamado XL 60


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Kamado, an oriental and millenary idea.

We love the many gastronomic possibilities offered by the Kamado.

Thanks to Kamado’s special structure, air circulation and ceramic coating, it is possible to maintain a constant temperature for a long time between 70 and 400 degrees Celsius. One of its most outstanding features is the possibility to cook at low temperature, from 80 to 110 degrees Celsius even for more than 18 hours. There are many possibilities to prepare every dish to perfection. It is possible to grill, smoke, bake or work with the ember, letting your creativity run wild. Numerous accessories and a set of grids expand the possibilities even further.

In gastronomy, the sky’s the limit!

The Kamado grill XL 60 is available in the following colors: green, black and gray. Made of enameled ceramic and steel.

Possibility to include the following options: heat deflector, pizza stone, Deluxe pizza stone, set of supports and additional grill, cast iron grill, cover, tongs, poker and ceramic reservoir for aromas.

The heat deflector is a ceramic plate that is placed between the fire and the meat so that there is no direct contact and you can easily grill indirectly. Ideal for gentle cooking of large pieces of meat.

The grates can be placed on different levels, which creates more space and allows baking at different temperatures. Removing half a rack can also be useful for reloading coals, for example.

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 81 × 134 × 122 cm





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Max Power

6 kW