Maestro 40



What makes Maestro the high-performance family oven?
The perfect roundness of the vault that facilitates air circulation, the only manufacturer to position the gas burner on the bottom (and not on the side) to obtain well distributed heat in even less time, the smoke outlet circuit which forces the heat to stay even longer in the cooking chamber obtaining a lower gas consumption, these are the results of high engineering when it meets the tradition of Italian cooking.

The smallest of the family, but with the largest cooking area on the market in its category: 40×40 cm. Made of painted steel and stainless steel, equipped with flue and rainproof chimney, steel door with no- hot handle and analogic thermometer. Inside, a very thick steel flame hitter improves heat distribution and protects the steel vault from any heat stress. The high performance of Maestro 40 is also guaranteed by the thick insulating material that insulates the vault, allowing you to reach high temperatures in less time with less fuel consumption.

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 56,5 × 55,2 × 58,6 cm



55,2 cm



Type of Cooking

Direct Cooking



Exhaust pipe diameter

120 mm

Indoor home measurements

40,5x41x21 cm

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