Inspired by the silhouettes of the statues of Easter Island, the Moaï wood stove and its angular glass offer a magnificent panoramic view of the flames. Each MOAÏ is responsible for the part of the world it observes and therefore protects your home from the cold.

4 adjustable feet
Adjustable secondary air
Secondary air protects the glass from smoke and soot deposits. It guarantees the combustion of volatile materials. The adjustable secondary air flow allows to adapt the operation of the device to excessively high draft conditions.

Long burning
Capacity of the appliance to work in slow combustion for 8 hours without refueling and without external intervention. This period of time has its origin in a reserve of embers. You just have to recharge the device with fuel to restart it.

Air control
Centralized combustion adjustment unit with a single command that offers: * simple and balanced management of all distributed air, * greater control over the fire regime (mini, normal and maxi), * control of wood consumption, * a cleaner and more efficient combustion, * a more regular secondary air flow to protect the glass, * a complete interruption of the air flow in case of prolonged stoppage of the appliance.

Clean glass
The clean glass system allows you to slow down the rate at which the glass gets dirty. An air inlet located at the top of the glass creates a protective draft. Preheated air is propelled over the glass surface. It initiates the combustion of gases and volatile materials, thus protecting the glass from smoke and soot deposits.

Waterproof device compatible with RT2012 / RE2020
Ideal for energy efficient buildings (BBC), RT2012 or RE2020. The appliance is equipped with a centralized fresh air inlet located above the connection nozzle: * no air intake in the room, * possible direct connection to the sanitary vacuum or to an outside air intake.

Guarantee of French origin
The Origine France Garantie label (Guaranteed French Origin) is the only certification that proves that a product has been made in France. This label, certified by an independent body, is awarded after an audit. (Bureau Veritas #7208672). OFG products are made in France, at the Invicta Group production plants.

Vermiculite lining
Lining of the combustion chamber with removable vermiculite parts (deflector, cast iron plate, sides and soleplate). The thermal properties of vermiculite improve combustion quality and appliance performance.

Post combustion system
Injection of preheated air in the combustion chamber. The additional air intake at the rear allows the destruction of hydrocarbons at high temperature. Combustion is complete and pollution is reduced.

Weight 240 kg
Dimensions 45,7 × 55,7 × 143,9 cm

77 %

Exhaust pipe diameter

180 mm

Max Power

12 kW

Pipeline type



55.7 cm


Without oven




Cast iron


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