Multic 75


The latest in “Optical Flame” technology electric fires can be experienced in the luxurious all-new models. First of all, because of its renewed and improved flame effect on logs that shine realistically. Additionally, there are a variety of ambient light colors to suit your style, plus 4 different rear panels to match most interiors. Smart operation and heating features make it easier than ever to enjoy the best of this fireplace at any time of the day. All of which can be controlled via the remote control. Available in 3 sizes, 2 or 3 sides.

  • Equipped with 4 fire lining backs that provide the opportunity to choose the perfect fire.
  • SmartSense: Built for your convenience, this technology detects when the room is occupied and automatically activates the flame effect at night, while also turning off the fireplace when the room is empty to save energy.
  • ComfortSaver: With up to 11% energy savings compared to traditional heating systems. Adjusts to maintain accurate room temperature and more comfortable room temperature.
  • With HD anti-reflective glass, crackling sounds of real flames.
Dimensions 31,78 × 154,14 × 66,5 cm
Remote control


Max Power

1,5 kW

Sound module



Optical flame

Lamp type



154 cm


Faber INTL