Admire the Neosen stove from all sides… You are immersed in the heart of the fascinating and relaxing spectacle of the flames. Feel all the benefits that its heating efficiency gives you.

Optional heat accumulator
Composed of refractory bricks, the Neosen heat storage kit continues to heat its interior long after the flames have died out. H 234 x W 500 x D 500 mm – Option reference P696300

Removable handle
The handle is removable and is placed high for the safety of children.

The fresh air inlet can be connected directly to the stove, either from the outside or from a sanitary void.

Clean glass
The clean glass system allows you to slow down the rate at which the glass gets dirty. An air inlet located at the top of the glass creates a protective draft. Preheated air is propelled over the glass surface. It initiates the combustion of gases and volatile materials, thus protecting the glass from smoke and soot deposits.

The appliance works with a regular load of small amounts of wood. This mode of operation is particularly efficient and environmentally friendly.

Door and upper part in cast iron.
The thermal properties of cast iron improve combustion quality and appliance performance. Cast iron parts are durable over time.

Iron combustion compartment lining
Post-combustion system
Injection of preheated air in the combustion chamber. The additional air intake at the rear allows the destruction of hydrocarbons at high temperature. Combustion is complete and pollution is reduced.

Weight 122 kg
Dimensions 52,2 × 50 × 105 cm

75 %

Exhaust pipe diameter

150 mm

Max Power

9 kW

Pipeline type



50 cm


Without oven




Cast iron


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