• Automatic cleaning systems for cast iron brazier and exchanger
  • Brushless gearbox with high performaces and low noise for pellet feeding and brazier cleaning
  • Ceramic igniter high efficiency
  • Thermal probe into combustion chamber
  • High efficiency PWM pump
  • Electronic anticondensation system
  • Expansion motherboard included
  • Thermal and pressure safety
  • Pellet tank level probe
  • Hydraulic connections at the top
  • Rear and left side smokes outlet
  • Front pellet tank feeding
  • New display Black Mask with Wi-Fi connection integrated allowing a remote management with the new App “Total Control 2.0”
  • Addition of the wheels to facilitate movement
  • Ash estractor: Automatic ash estraction with brushless moto, removable ash drawer with around 15 liters capacity, display message when ash drawer is full and display alarm if the ash estractor gets blocked

* Approval in progress

Weight 280 kg
Dimensions 81,7 × 82,2 × 140 cm
Potencia consumida
Power to water

20 kW-H2O


91,5 %

Deposit capacity

75 Kg

Exhaust pipe diameter

100 mm

Max Power

20 kW


Nordica Extraflame




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