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The gas oven for true pizza lovers. With Pulcinella you can cook many dishes, from meat to fish.
The oven is built with special materials to fit outdoors, but it can also fit in verandas or outdoor kitchens.

It is compatible with both LPG and natural gas.

Fast cooking
With the Pulcinella gas oven you can cook a pizza just like in a restaurant.
Put it in the oven and in just 2 minutes it’s ready.

Cook up to 5 pizzas at the same time!
Depending on the oven cooking chamber you can choose how many pizzas to cook at the same time.
60×60 – 2 pizzas
60×80 – 4 pizzas
80×100 – 5 pizzas

Multicooking System
The innovative cooking system that allows you to cook multiple dishes at the same time. Add to the fun with the removable arm with grill and grease tray.

Not only pizza
You can also cook bread, cakes, roasts and much more!

Immediately hot
Connect the oven to the gas cylinder, close the door and wait for it to come to temperature.
It reaches 400 C° in 20/25 minutes and start cooking!

Thanks to the massive insulation and the quality of the materials used, such as scamotek, the Pulcinella oven is able to retain heat for longer.

Once the desired temperature has been reached, it is possible to use the oven even leaving the cooking mouth open, without any heat loss.

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Weight 295 kg
Dimensions 104,5 × 112,5 × 216,5 cm




Type of Cooking

Direct Cooking




100×80, 60×60, 80×60