Rustic 36


The Rustic 36 “model is an electric simulator model with a built-in firebox and heater.

The new Rustic fire simulation system achieves an effect very similar to that of an old wood stove. With this new technique, a considerable height of the flame is achieved, while the flame has the appearance of coming out of the same trunk, making it very similar to a real fire.

The built-in heater has several positions, providing 1 or 2 kW of heating power. It can also be set to night mode. The base color of the flame can also be set to blue or red. Also note that the heater can be turned on or off separately from the flames, allowing you to enjoy the fireplace all year round.

Its remote control allows you to control the flames comfortably from your chair.

Dimensions 30,7 × 94,4 × 67,6 cm
Remote control


Max Power

2 kW

Sound module



Optical flame

Lamp type



94.4 cm


Faber INTL

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