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The Smart built-in oven is positioned within the Clementi range as a product of high quality standards with special attention to the rationalization of materials and dimensions that give it an excellent quality/price ratio. The trolley or the support are optional elements.

3 Chambers
3-layer cooking chamber in 430 stainless steel with fixed, non-cutting double walls.

The grids are sliding and anti-tilt.
The base on which the pizza is baked directly is made of refractory stone, while the baking plates have 2 integrated halogen lamps that perfectly illuminate the food.

Intelligent ventilation
The oven is equipped with the intelligent ventilation system, which homogenizes the temperature inside the cooking space.

Convex grill
The grill is shaped with curves and grooves for optimal combustion.

Low consumption
Its extremely short heating time (40/50 minutes) and low wood consumption (4/8 kg) make it an ideal and pleasant product for all cooking enthusiasts, whether they are experts or beginners.

Thermal flywheel and insulation
The oven is equipped with a thermal flywheel made of a double plate and 6 cm refractory bricks. Insulated with rock wool. Dens. 100 kg/DM3.

Weight 260 kg
Dimensions 118 × 78 × 96 cm




Type of Cooking

Direct Cooking



Exhaust pipe diameter

130 mm


100, 60, 80

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