Super Master encastrable


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The largest model in the Clementi range of built-in ovens. It is the ideal product for semi-professional use.

3 stainless steel levels
Removable 304 stainless steel cooking chamber with 2 completely removable side walls. Anti-tip sliding grids. Lighting with two halogen lamps that perfectly illuminate the food.

Double ventilation plus
The oven is equipped with Double Ventilation Plus: a system that keeps the heat evenly distributed on the three cooking levels working both from the bottom and from the sides.

Professional cooking
The Super Master is the ideal wood-fired oven for cooking large quantities of food.

Low consumption
The extremely short heating times (40/50 minutes) and the low wood consumption (4/8 kg) make them ideal and fun products for all cooking enthusiasts, both experts and beginners, and give the possibility to cook with the same ease both a romantic dinner and party menus, to spend with your friends happy and unforgettable moments.

Thermal flywheel and insulation
The oven is equipped with a double plate thermal flywheel plus refractory. Insulation in wool-rock. Dens. 100 kg/DM3.

Weight 470 kg
Dimensions 120 × 101,8 × 97,6 cm




Type of Cooking

Direct Cooking




100, 80