Barbecues and Irons

There is an ideal griddle or barbecue model for each house. In “Stoves and Barbecues” we have selected the best models of charcoal, gas, wood and electric barbecues on the market. We only work with certified products that comply with European regulations. We have also made a selection of the best quality gas and electric griddles.

All our products are sold with a very low profit margin so that prices are adjusted.


When we talk about barbecue, we talk about family reunion and friends, about having a good time in company. There is a great variety of models, which work with different types of fuels and with a multitude of options that adapt to any type of home.

Charcoal barbecues.

They cook food providing an intense flavor. They reach a very high temperature consuming less than other barbecues.

Gas barbecues

It lights at the touch of a button. They are the easiest and most comfortable barbecues to handle. They allow you to cook dishes that need more time.

Firewood Barbecues

Wood-fired barbecues follow the traditional model of cooking. To get the maximum flavor out of meats, fish and vegetables.


Electric barbecues are easy to transport and store. They only need to be plugged in to light. They are fast and consume little energy.


Griddle cooking is the cleanest and fastest alternative available. There are gas griddles and electric griddles, a great variety in sizes that can be used in open places such as patios and terraces, and also in closed places such as kitchens or warehouses.

Gas Irons

You can cook in the healthiest way on a gas griddle.
We have selected the best griddle models to easily cook food on the griddle, without fat and without complications.

Electric irons

Cooking in the healthiest way on a steel electric griddle. We choose the best models of the best brands, with European certification and warranty, with the convenience of needing only one plug.

Gas griddles offer greater power and can reach high temperatures with low consumption, ideal for people who are demanding with the cooking points of food. The possibility of increasing the temperature and power of the gas griddle is, to this day, unmatched.

Las planchas eléctricas funcionan conectadas a la corriente eléctrica. Son perfectas en espacios sin instalaciones de gas o donde no es factible realizar una instalación. Son ligeras, fáciles de utilizar, ocupan poco espacio y que se pueda poner sobre una mesa (disponible en diferentes tamaños). Sin embargo, a menos que sean de gama alta, sólo llevan una resistencia, por lo tanto sólo se puede aplicar una única temperatura de cocción en toda la placa.