Barbecues and Irons

There is an ideal iron or barbecue model for each house. In “Stoves and Barbecues” we have selected the best models of coal, gas, firewood and electric barbecues in the market. We work only with certified products that comply with European regulations. We have also made a selection of gas and electric plates of the best quality.

All our products are sold with a very reduced profit margin so that the prices are adjusted.


Coal Barbecues

They cook the food providing an intense flavor. They reach a very high temperature consuming less than other barbecues.

Gas Barbecues

Turn on just by hitting a button. Barbecues are easier and more comfortable to handle. They allow to cook dishes that need more time.

Wood Barbecues

The wood barbecues follow the traditional cooking model. To get the maximum flavor from meats, fish and vegetables.

Electric Barbecues

Electric barbecues are easy to transport and store. It is only necessary to plug in to turn on. They are fast and consume little.


Gas Irons

You can cook in the healthiest way on a gas griddle. We have selected the best models of irons to easily cook grilled foods, without fat and without complications.

Electric Irons

Cooking in the healthiest way in a steel electric iron. We choose the best models of the best brands, with European certification and warranty, with the convenience of needing only one plug.