Fireplaces and stoves

In “Stoves and Barbecues” we have made a selection of the best heat systems of quality and trust brands, with very interesting prices: chimneys, stoves, inserts and homes, reliable, solid and of the best quality. In our online store you will find a selection of the best heat sources with the possibility of being installed in different surfaces of the home:

  • Metal fireplaces of first brand wood at the best prices. 
  • Wood and pellet stoves.
  • Homes or fireplaces with wall or built-in fireplaces.
  • Firewood or pellet inserts to heat several rooms.
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Metallic fireplaces

Check our selection of metal fireplaces. We work with leading brands at the best prices.

Firewood Homes

They have a great heat capacity and excellent performance. These closed fireplaces take advantage of 50% more heat.

Wood stoves

We have a large selection of wood stoves to buy online from the best and most prestigious brands.
Quality at a good price.

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Pellet Stoves

Buy a pellet stove online to have a nice source of heat. Do you know the advantages of pellet stoves?

Firewood Inserts

The wood inserts heat several rooms. They are the ideal solution to obtain greater performance in an existing fireplace.

Pellet Inserts

Los cassete o Insert de pellet permiten canalizar el calor a otras estancias aprovechando la combustión del pellet en una chimenea.

All our products are selected based on quality and design to provide safety and with the guarantee that they follow European quality standards.