Fireplaces and stoves

In “Stoves and Barbecues” we have made a selection of the best heat systems from quality and trustworthy brands, with very interesting prices: fireplaces, stoves, inserts and hearths, reliable, solid and of the best quality. In our online store you will find a selection of the best heat sources with the possibility of being installed on different surfaces in the home:

Fireplaces and wood stoves

Firewood is one of the most economical and sustainable fuels available. sustainable fuels that exist. Fireplaces and wood stoves are the most cost-effective option to heat our home, since wood produces a high calorific value at a very reasonable price, and is very ecological, as it is a renewable energy source. In Estufas y Barbacoas we have a wide variety of fireplaces and wood stoves from leading brands at very competitive prices, manufactured in various materials and with attractive designs. Their installation is quick and easy, and their attractive design makes them a great decorative element of the house. Choose the ideal model among all these proposals:

Pellet fireplaces and stoves

Pellet fireplaces and pellet stoves are the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly means of heating, along with wood-burning fireplaces and stoves. Unlike wood products, pellet fireplaces and pellet stoves can be programmed to turn on and off automatically, and can even be used via Wi-Fi, through a smartphone. They produce very few CO2 particles, and are therefore cleaner during use, leaving very little ash after each use. Choose your model:

Gas fireplaces and stoves

Las chimeneas y estufas de gas son la alternativa limpia y cómoda de calentar nuestro salón comedor. Hay multitud de diseños, desde los más tradicionales y similares a la chimenea de leña, hasta los más modernos y vanguardistas. Funcionan con electrónica avanzada, controlando el funcionamiento de nuestra chimenea o estufa desde un mando a distancia, fácil y cómodamente. Son una alternativa a las chimeneas tradicionales, modernas, decorativas y eficientes.

Bioethanol fireplaces and stoves

Bioethanol fireplaces and stoves

Bioethanol fireplaces and stoves are easy to install as they do not need to be vented to the outside, since they burn cleanly. There are manually operated and electronically operated, and they are a clean and comfortable option to enjoy the company of fire in our home. Find the best bioethanol fireplaces and burners in our online store. They are available in different types of sizes and designs to suit any style of home. We have the best prices with the quality of leading brands.

Fireplaces and electric stoves

Fireplaces and electric stoves

They are safe, clean and aesthetic, they only need a grounded plug and their operation is much simpler than the fuel ones. They simulate fire without real flame and guarantee a pleasant atmosphere with the comfort of the switch and the safety of the thermostat. If there is an electrical outlet nearby, we can install an electric fireplace or stove. They do not require the installation of a smoke outlet, since these fireplaces do not perform any type of combustion, but form a flame of fire, resulting from different optical effects, which are increasingly similar to real fire.

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Chimeneas Metálicas

Consulta nuestra selección de chimeneas metálicas de leña. Trabajamos con primeras marcas a los mejores precios.

Hogares de Leña

Tienen una gran capacidad calorífica y un excelente rendimiento. Estas chimeneas cerradas aprovechan un 50% más el calor.

Estufas de leña

Tenemos una gran selección de estufas de leña para comprar Online de las mejores y más prestigiosas marcas.
Calidad a buen precio.

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Pellet stoves

Buy online a pellet stove to have a pleasant source of heat. Do you know the advantages of pellet stoves?

Firewood Inserts

Wood inserts heat several rooms.
They are the ideal solution to obtain higher performance in an existing fireplace.

Pellet inserts

The pellet cassete or Insert allows heat to be channeled to other rooms by taking advantage of the pellet combustion in a fireplace.

All our products are selected based on quality and design to provide safety and with the guarantee that they follow European quality regulations.