Ovens and Cookers

The usual kitchen with the latest technological innovations and the best features.
The wood-burning stoves and ovens concentrate innovation and tradition to cook with an authentic taste of home.
Like all the products we sell in “Stoves and Barbecues”, the wood stoves and ovens that we have selected are manufactured with high quality materials by leading brands in the sector, guaranteeing a long useful life, good performance and safety.

Wood, gas and pellet ovens

When we cook in a traditional oven, the taste of what we cook is totally different. There are direct cooking ovens and indirect cooking ovens, and they work with wood or gas.

Wood ovens

To make traditional roasts, the best is a wood oven. Ovens from the best brands for all budgets and expectations.

Pellet ovens

Take advantage of the temperature of the appliance to air-condition the home and at the same time to fulfill the oven function, optimizing consumption.

Gas ovens

They reach high temperatures in a short time and maintain a higher humidity level than other types of ovens.

pellet, gas and wood stoves

Wood and pellet stoves give us the option of cooking in a traditional way, achieving flavors in the food that we will never be able to achieve cooking with other types of fuel. In addition, they provide us with a high calorific value, also functioning as a stove. At the same time that we cook, we heat the room where the kitchen is installed.

Wood-Burning Kitchens

Cooking with the charm of other times is possible. We work with leading brands in the market at very competitive prices.

Gas Kitchens

Gas stoves of the leading brands at the best prices. Enjoy an economical and efficient fuel.

Pellet cookers

Get to know our quality, automatic pellet stoves with the best finishes for perfect cooking.